What is Padel Score?

Padel Score is the evolution of the classic scoring devices that allows you to live a unique and engaging experience like in matches between professional Padel players. The players and the public are always updated on the progress of the match both in audio and video thanks to a maxi screen that can be positioned near the playing field.

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A unique gaming experience like among professional Padel players!


1) Padel Watch…

Fasten the new Padel Score smartwatch or bracelet to your wrist. Integrated with the native Padelscore app, you will be able to view player names, current score, current games and sets and update score live!

2) Score on the big screen ...

The software easily integrates the TV monitors and the VideoWalls placed on the sidelines. Integrating an internal/external speakers it is possible to announce the live score and the game sets.

3) Padel Score … APP!

Padel Score can be downloaded on the main stores for Android & iOS. The management panel inside allows you to set the scores for each team, set the Timer Match and view the output on the HDMI Monitor.

4) Match management ...

Thanks to the web interface it is possible to show the playing fields, register new players, view the games played and the progress of the tournaments.

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